Towards a new horizon

I am amazed, even alarmed, by the way in which a very large part of us is perceived as « the follow-up » to the pandemic situation that we are currently going through. Not wishing to speak on subjects that I do not fully understand, I will limit the prediction exercise to the sports world.
And I will surely throw a deep cold.
In my opinion, there is no question of a resumption of mass sport under the previous conditions. The health risk is too great. So …. well, it’s simple, on the one hand, the current pandemic will have to be minimized and, on the other, avoid a resurgence. Imagine 50,000 people in a stadium, spectators gathered to watch runners or runners from all over the world running together. No organization will want to take the risk. Not to mention the volunteers in charge of the ravitos or the logistics staff.
To date and after having discussed it with certain officials, no answer has been given. Which means:

No football match with spectators
No tennis tournaments
No running events
No « postponed » Olympic Games

Until when?

I would tend to say until the answers to the questions on the control of health needs are not provided and I would add that given the magnitude of the task the date of April 1, 2021 seems to me, may be, realistic. So of course, for the football for example, the economic stakes are such that the date of recovery can be largely advanced, hoping that we are not done anything.
For running, on the other hand, no race (Berlin, Chicago, Paris, Valence …) but also the strides of the run of 17th Paris arrondissement (to quote a nice but smaller race) will not be disputed by January 1 2021 and probably by April 1, 2021.
Well, I warned that my diagnosis was to cry. Of course, and even if I am firmly convinced, a miracle can always happen quickly (disappearance of the virus, vaccine …). So let’s pray and above all, despite my not very happy words, let’s keep our spirits up.

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